Please pass along to STS that I very much appreciate their help, and I am truly grateful for their services, which are excellent and very professional.



Just thought I would send you a note regarding Superior. They aced it this week. I called in seven reports yesterday as late as 4 pm and received them all back today. Just want to compliment them on their performance!!

VA, Office Administrator
Counseling and Psychological Services, LLC

I just filled out my review of STS for my Administrative Office. I gave STS "5" for each question (the highest rating of approval)! Below is what I wrote at the bottom of my form:

This past year has been as hectic as last year. When I have a new CE provider or an MCV provider calling with questions about teledictating, STS continues to be wonderful. I have all my new CE doctors call STS before they teledictate the first time; Rosanne trains them wonderfully. Any questions from the CE Panel or from an MER provider are handled by STS; STS wants to keep me out of it so they can be totally hands-on with the caller. I can't say enough about this teledictation company. Of the four we've had since I've been PRO for 28 of the 39 years I've been here, NONE were like STS. None! They are the best!

AG, DDS Richmond, Va


I want to let you know how pleased we have been with the services you provide to us during this past year.  Your quality and your turnaround time are fantastic!  I've made my flight reservations for my annual visit with you. Renewal of contract will be forthcoming. 

GF – Virginia DDS


I just wanted to take the time to say how wonderful it is to have such a good working relationship between WWRC and STS.  The pride you all take in your work sets you apart from all the rest.  Just yesterday, one of our Evaluators commented that "the transcription service we have now is better than any of the others."  In this day and time when economic unrest is touching many aspects of our lives -- employers budget cuts, layoffs, higher taxes, rising food and fuel prices -- it is so refreshing to have at least one reliable constant, and for me it's knowing I have no complaints from my report generators, and knowing the reports are coming back accurate and correct.  Sure, we've had to remind a few folks to utilize techniques that make the most of their time and the time of the MTs, but the ultimate reward is having a collaborative, win-win relationship.


The business model you all are using  -- obviously works.  The hard part can be how a company brands or attempts to re-brand itself in a particular niche market (especially in today's economy).  Sure there are plenty of transcription companies out there, but being able to deliver something above and beyond all of the rest isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do.  Many companies have a mission statement, vision statement and core values, but it doesn't always mean they take them to heart when it comes down to the everyday tasks (such as transcribing a report and sending it back to the originator).  Personally, I haven't experienced what you all have to offer from any other transcription service. It's the personalized service and the quality product that speaks for STS.  The pride the MTs put into their work is evident. 


Also, please share with the staff and MTs. Thank you and all of the folks at STS for all you do.  Your work is truly valued and appreciated! 

DH – Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center


I wanted to let all of you know what an outstanding job Superior Transcribing has been doing. Two weekends ago, I called Superior on a Saturday asking if they had a copy of a report of mine from November. I had lost this report when my computer crashed in January. I left a message and within a few minutes Rosanne called me back.  She was not at the office but said she was near there. She said she would stop by and put the report in my box so that I could download it again.  Within less than thirty minutes I had the report.  Also, I did 44 dictations this week leading up to my week off.  I emailed Rosanne and gave her a heads up that I was going out of town.  They went out of their way to make sure all my dictations were transcribed by today.  As of tonight, I have sent them all in.


I just wanted to say, "thank you Superior" and let everyone at DDS know. 

CN, M.D. Advanced Medical